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Finally, feel great about selling your diamond with a private auction where pros fight to pay you the most.

Selling that diamond you never wear is the perfect way to move on from the past, enjoy some extra spending money, or help yourself out of a tough spot.

Normally, you’d spend hours haggling with dealers who refuse to pay what your diamond is actually worth. But now you can forget all that and sell your diamond at true market value, all from the comfort of home! gets you the most money so you can feel great about selling your diamond for what it’s actually worth.

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How is it Possible?

See, the reality is that industry pros want what you have and they’re willing to pay top-dollar to get it but they need someone like us to make the connection.

So we created, where you can place your diamond in a private auction that sells exclusively to jewelry makers, diamond brokers, and other industry professionals.

Full Confidence

Every buyer is carefully vetted so all bids are legitimate.

Zero Effort

We find the buyers, manage the auction, and keep you updated.

Total Control

You can accept the highest bid or we’ll return your stone, no questions asked.

How Does it Work?

You’ll start by completing the easy diamond form on this webpage. After that, your personal Auction Liaison will reach out to help get your diamond ready for the auction. Then simply print your free shipping label (includes insurance so your items are always protected) and send your diamond here to the auction house.

We place your diamond in the next auction and once the gavel falls you’ll get an alert disclosing the highest bid.

Accept the bid and your check will arrive within a few business days. Reject it and we’ll return your stone directly.*

Real-Time Updates

Login into our Diamond Tracker software at any time and monitor every step of the auction process.

Live Support

Chat with us (real people) regarding any concerns.

Minimal Fees

Our tiny fees keep serving you.

Get the Full Value of Your Diamond

Did you know that local pawn shops, cash for gold exchanges and jewelry stores are buying your diamonds and selling them in our auction for a tidy profit?

Cut out those middlemen! Working with us directly is the only way you can get the full value of your diamond.

Other diamond buying sites just can't compare.

Our high quality images and professional grading guarantee your diamond sells for the most.

As soon as your diamond arrives at our facility certified technicians carefully grade your stone so that bidders have all the information they need to place the highest bid.

Then our professional photography team captures your diamond’s brilliance with ultra-high quality images and video that convinces buyers to spend even more once the bidding begins.

How we sell your diamond:

(Hover over images to learn more.)

How they sell your diamond:

(Hover over images to learn more.)

  • Highest payouts
  • Legitimate bidders
  • Diamond insurance
  • Free postage
  • Online control
  • Buyers can’t request refunds
  • You accept or reject bids
  • Fast, Easy payment

Other Diamond Selling Sites

  • Very low payouts
  • Untrustworthy buyers
  • Zero Guarantees
  • Risky meetups & haggling
  • Unreliable funds or bounced checks
  • High & hidden fees
  • Buyers often demand refunds
  • Takes weeks to months
Highest Payout Guarantee

You get the most when hundreds of pros bid for your diamond. And all bids are final so your payment is guaranteed.

Safe Diamond Guarantee

Your diamond is only handled by professionals and remains insured throughout our entire process.

Easy Return Guarantee

If you’re unsatisfied with the highest bid we’ll promptly return your diamond by insured mail.*

Support Guarantee

Whether by phone, email, or live chat our support team is always here to help.

Put Your Diamond in the Auction Today

Don’t settle for a handful of low offers when we’ll show your stone to hundreds of interested buyers who can afford to bid high.

It’s fast, easy, and gets you the most money.

It only takes a minute to submit your diamond so click below and take that first step toward feeling great about selling your diamond.

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What You Need To Know About My Diamond Auction

You may have never considered that selling your diamond jewelry that you stopped wearing ages ago is a fantastic way to leave the past behind, a way to put that money to good use or even a way to get you out of a difficult financial situation. In most cases, you would probably have to spend countless hours negotiating with a number of dealers who in most cases offer to pay you a lot less than what the stone is actually worth.

My Diamond Auction is a company that is extremely different to your standard pawn shops and diamond dealers. They make a promise to get you the highest price possible for your diamonds so you can feel confident about selling these costly stones for what they are actually worth.

About My Diamond Auction

This company started when some of the diamond industry professionals came together and made a decision to change the way in which consumers are offered a way to sell unwanted or old diamonds. The aim behind this business was to offer a way for consumers to get what they deserve when it comes to selling a costly investment such as a diamond.

What We Do

The creation of the website was all about breaking every rule. This is to do with bypassing all those middlemen as much as possible. This was made possible with this independent site where these professionals connect the right sellers to diamond buyers (consumers). These sellers pay a lot more and should be regarded as the only method in which to sell a diamond in regards to its actual worth.

How You Can Sell Your Diamond For Its Actual Worth

We have found a way to bypass all the middlemen and cut away directly to the top buyers. This has created a method as to why their buyers pay a lot more when compared to the local diamond dealers. This is made possible with auctions on these diamonds which also drives up the prices so that their customers receive an even higher payout for their diamonds.

How This Is Made Possible

The reality about selling diamonds is that the industry professionals want to buy diamonds and are also willing to pay the best prices in order to get them. This is where My Diamond Auction makes these connections possible. This is what resulted in the site where anyone from the public can get there diamonds into private auctions that are sold exclusively to diamond brokers, jewelry makers along with a few of the other diamond industry professionals.

If you are interested in getting rid of your diamond rings, or jewelry with diamonds in or even loose diamond stones here are the steps on the process:


The process begins on the site. It will take you a couple of minutes to complete one of the diamond application forms. There is application forms dedicated to either loose diamonds, diamond jewelry or diamond rings. Once you have completed the application form, you will be immediately be contacted by your very own personal Auction Liaison. You will then be sent a fully insured, free FedEx shipping label to your email address.

•The Shipment

The process of shipping your valuable diamond is really simple. All that you are required to do is visit your closest FedEx shipping location or you can arrange for a free pick-up. Here are the steps to follow to ship your diamond.


-Place the bagged diamond or diamond jewelry into 2 sealed envelopes

How To Track Your Diamond

Once the parcel containing your diamond has been shipped you have the opportunity to track the entire process using the state-of-the-art Diamond Tracker software. You will be able to login into this system throughout the process of the auction as well as check on the current status of the diamond.

Once logged into the system you can also view a video and images on your diamond along with a list of all its details and track the bids as they occur. When the auction is held, you will also be able to view the amount of bids that the diamond has at the time, the highest bid on the diamond, along with geographical locations on each of the bidders. This Diamond Tracker is also the place where you can either reject or accept the highest offer on your diamond.


To guarantee that your items of high value are protected and safe at all times, My Diamond Auctions has a partnership with Hoover & Strong Inc, a 104 year old laboratory for all the processes involved in processing and grading of diamonds. When your diamond has arrived at this world recognized grading facility based in North Chesterfield, Virginia, expert and highly trained professionals will start the process of grading your diamond.

In the Hoover & Strong underground and extremely secure vault, all diamonds are cleaned, then graded as well as photographed. These experts use ultra high-quality imagery and their unique 360° Diamond Viewer. This is what provides the potential buyers with all the information that they require to make the highest bids on your diamond.

The Auction

Auctions for diamonds are held on the 1st and then 3rd Wednesday of each month. These auctions are always held at exactly 11.00am PST. Buyers are then offered with a period of 5 days in order to place a bid on your diamond. On the Diamond Tracker system you can view bids as they happen. On the day that the auction has come to an end you use this system to either reject or accept the highest bid made on your diamond.

How You Get Paid

Once the auction has concluded you only have 24 hours to either reject or accept the highest bid. If you fail to reject or accept the bid within this time limit, the Diamond Tracker system will automatically accept this bid on your behalf and the payment is then issued. As soon as the bid has been accepted you can expect a check that will be delivered directly to your door in 3 working or business days.

Here are some of the comparisons on how My Diamond Auction will sell your diamond compared to other diamond selling sites:

My Diamond Auction

•You have full online control over the entire process

•They offer the highest payouts

•You have the choice to reject or accept bids

•Your payment is easy and fast

•The bidders are all legitimate

•Free Postage

•Diamond insurance

•The buyers are unable to request a refund

Other Diamond Selling Sites

•The payouts are typically a lot lower than the actual worth of your diamond

•The buyers are in some cases untrustworthy

•There are never any guarantees in place

•Meet ups can be risky and you are forced to haggle

•Buyers can demand a refund

•Payment or the sale of your diamond could take weeks or even months

Here are some of the top benefits of choosing a site such as

•The Best Payout Guarantee

You really are offered the very best price for your diamond when hundreds of bidders place bids on your diamond. All these bids are recognized as final which means that your payment is always guaranteed

•The Easy Return Guarantee

If by chance you are not satisfied with the bid on your diamond, and you have rejected the bid on the Dimaond Tracker system, My Diamond Auction will return the diamond directly to you using insured mail

•Safe Diamond Guarantee

Every diamond that is sent through the My Diamond Auction process is only ever handled by diamond experts and will remain under insurance throughout the process

•Support Guarantee

The support team is able to assist you at any time by either live chat, email or by phone.

About The Diamond Auction

Once you have created your own account on the site, you must use the pre-paid postage provided to your email address to send the diamond directly to the secured facility. Once the diamond arrives it is cleaned, graded, recorded and photographed to provide the buyers with information needed to make accurate bids.

Your diamond will appear in the next available auction which is held on either the 1st or 3rd Wednesday in a month where hundreds of bidders are able to view your diamond. When this auction ends, you will receive notification of your highest bid. If you accept the price, you will be asked to choose a payment method that you prefer. This payment will be processed within a period of 3 business days.

What Are The Costs Involved To Sell Your Diamond Through My Diamond Auction?

The fees that this company charges is already built-in to the process of the auction, which means customers are not charged or billed by My Diamond Auctions. You will only see the highest bid on your diamond and all you need to do is either reject or accept the bid.

How Will You Know That Your Diamond Is Really Safe?

My Diamond Auction offers the Safe Diamond Guarantee which insures diamonds from the start to the finish of the process. If your diamond is stolen or damaged you will receive a full compensation payout according to the value of the stone.

How Does My Diamond Auction Sell Diamonds For The Most Money?

My Diamond Auction works alongside a variety of diamond experts from across the globe. The auctions that are held sell these diamonds directly to retailers, polishers, brokers and jewelers that typically only purchase diamonds from the in-industry sources. The leveraging of this truly unique relationship with buyers means that you are able to skip past the middlemen and selling your diamond to people who are prepared to pay out the actual value of your diamond.

How Many Times In a Month Are The Auctions Held?

Auctions are held at 11.00am PST on the first and third Wednesday every month. It is important to realize that when you want your diamond to feature in an upcoming auction it has to be received by the graders at least 3 days (business) before the scheduled auction date. Learn advertising for licensees. This includes SEO and search engine optimization for franchises.

What Happens When Your Diamond Is Set In Jewelry Or A ring?

Depending on the ring or the jewelry, My Diamond Auctions may decide to remove the stone from the setting and then clean it and then photograph the stone separately. If the diamond is removed and you have rejected the highest bid, they will reset the stone for free and send your ring or jewelry back to you.

Why Is There A 24 Hour Limit To Accept Or Reject A Bid Once The Auction Is Complete?

The process of attracting verified and professional buyers and the type that are prepared to pay top-dollar prices for diamonds, the process has to be expedient, professional and efficient. The 24-hour rejection window is in place so that the diamond buyers are confident in making bids on the diamonds that feature in these auctions.

Are Diamond Earrings Studs Sold Together Or On Their Own

To obtain the best price for your diamond earring set, they will be auctioned as a set. The matched diamonds are far more desirable so to sell them as a pair guarantees you receive the highest pay out.

If you are in the process of considering selling your diamond or you have already tried to sell your diamond, why settle for low offers and having to haggle, when you can use a company like My Diamond Auction that will professionally show your diamond to hundreds of bidders that are actually prepared to pay the right price. The process is not only fast but incredibly easy and the best way to make the best profit.

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