So How Does it Work Exactly?


Everything starts right here on our site. It takes just a few minutes to complete the diamond application form and once finished you’ll hear from your personal Auction Liaison right away. Then we’ll send a free (and fully insured) FedEx shipping label straight to your email inbox.


Shipping your diamond is a cinch! Just use whatever shipping material you’ve already got at home then bring your package to any FedEx® shipping location or simply schedule a free pick-up.

  1. Place diamond inside plastic bag
  2. Place bagged diamond inside two sealed envelopes
  3. Affix free overnight shipping label and wrap with tape
  4. Drop off at FedEx or schedule pickup


Once your diamond has shipped you can track its progress using our state-of-the-art Diamond Tracker software. You’ll login to this system throughout the auction process to check your diamond’s current status.

You can view images and video of your diamond, see a complete list of its details, and track bids in real-time. During the auction, you’ll be shown how many bids your diamond currently has, your diamond’s highest bid, and the geographical location of each bidder. The Diamond Tracker is also where you’ll accept or reject your diamond’s highest offer.


To ensure your items are always safe and protected, has partnered with the 104-year-old laboratories of Hoover & Strong Inc. for our all of our diamond grading and processing.

Once your diamond arrives at their world-class grading facility in North Chesterfield, Virginia, highly trained experts will begin the grading process.

Your diamond will be cleaned, graded and photographed within Hoover & Strong’s secure, underground vault. They use super high quality imagery and their one-of-a-kind 360° Diamond Viewer so that buyers have all the info they need to bid high on your stone.


Auctions begin the first and third Wednesday of every month and always at 11:00 am PST. Buyers then have 5 days to place bids on your stone.

You can track bids in real time using our Diamond Tracker software. Once the auction has ended you’ll use the Diamond Tracker to accept or reject your diamond’s highest bid.

Get Paid

When the auction concludes you’ll have 24 hours to accept or reject your diamond’s highest bid. If you do not accept or reject your bid within 24 hours, the system will automatically accept it for you and payment will be issued.

(Why 24 hours? Learn more here.)

Once your bid is accepted your check will arrive at your door within 3 business days.

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