Sell Your Diamonds Online With My Diamond Auction

Diamonds can be difficult to sell. You can go to your local retailers and jewelry stores to show them your stones and to ask them whether they would be interested in making you an offer, but chances are you won’t manage to obtain a fair price. Some may not even believe your diamond is genuine, especially if you don’t have any grading certificate. Others may be willing to take your diamond and show it to their clients, but they would require you to have it certified by a third party lab. As this is a pricey and cumbersome thing to do, you may never get to sell your diamond.

Under these circumstances, some people try to sell their gems online, on various websites. Unfortunately, the web has a major problem, which is that users rely on product images to form their opinions. If you aren’t a professional photographer, your diamond is never going to look good in photos. You can try everything, and yet fail to capture its beauty.

There is a solution to all these problems, which is to sell your diamonds online with My Diamond Auction. Here you can have your stone professionally graded by experts, so that potential buyers know exactly its carat weight, its color grade, its cut grade and its clarity grade. Next, a professional photographer is goin to take product photos to display them on the website. This type of photography emphasizes the best features of a product, so your diamond is going to look very attractive, therefore enticing people into wanting to purchase it. You can use My Diamond Auction to sell a loose diamond, but also a diamond ring or any other type of jewelry item. The process is very simple, and it is explained on the website, step by step. You’ll have to answer a series of questions, in order to allow the experts understand what kind of help you need. If you already know the carat weight of your diamond, you’re going to be asked to enter it in a form.

Once you complete the diamond application form, your Personal Auction Liaison is going to get in touch with you to discuss the next steps. Next, you’re going to receive a free and fully insured FedEx shipping label, so that you can send your diamond to have it sold online with My Diamond Auction.

For the entire duration of the auction, you’ll be able to watch and track bids in real time. You’ll also have access to the complete listing of your stone, with photos and with a high quality video, as well as with a full sits of characteristics. As you’ll have the details of all bidders, including their geographical location, you’ll be able to accept and reject any of them as you wish. This puts you in total control, hence being one of the safest and easiest way to sell your diamond for the right price. After you accept the highest bid, you’ll receive your check with the payment within three business days.