Sell Estate Jewelry Online

My Diamond Auction Can Sell Unwanted Estate Jewelry!

If you’ve just inherited jewelry from a family member’s estate, there’s a good chance that it won’t be to your style or standards. With that being said, what may look old and outdated to you may actually be worth a great deal of money to investors and collectors. The real problem in selling fine estate jewelry is that finding the right buyer is never an easy or straightforward task. Fortunately, My Diamond Auction is your one-stop for selling all unwanted jewelry!

How It Works

It may seem like a daunting task to log online and peruse a website for information in regards to selling your old jewels. With My Diamond Auction, the selling process is so simple that literally anyone can do it!

The first step is to fill out a short online form that lets the company know about the details pertaining to the item you’re looking to sell. It’s helpful to know the specs of your diamond to help make the process go faster. Once the online form has been satisfactorily filled out, an auction liaison will reach out to you in order to prep your jewelry for an upcoming auction.

It’s important to get your jewelry to the auction house as quickly as possible. After your brief meeting with the auction liaison, you’re going to be asked to ship your item to the auction house using a prepaid shipping label. The shipping method paid for by the company will also contain insurance to ensure the safe arrival of your estate items.

After the jewelry has been received, an auction date will be set so that bidders can get a hand at bidding on your diamond. My Diamond Auction will let you know what the highest bidding price is for your item, and at that point in time, you will have a decision to make. You can choose to decline the offer for your jewelry if you believe that the ending bid price is too low. However, if you feel that the offer is fair, you will accept the offer and receive payment promptly.

Why Trust My Diamond Auction When Selling Your Jewelry

Cutting out the middleman is an important step in getting as much money as possible for your diamonds. By letting professionals such as My Diamond Auction handle your selling needs, not only do you have less to worry about in terms of selling, but you can rest assured that your items will be matched with the right buyer.

We’re not only GIA certified, but our highly skilled and trained professionals know how to highlight the best aspects of your diamond jewelry in order to sell it for the highest possible profit. Meanwhile, many jewelry owners attempt to sell their diamonds or estate jewelry on their own, we always advise against it as buyers may wish to return the jewelry or the selling price won’t reflect true value.

Letting My Diamond Auction handle all of your diamond jewelry selling needs can eliminate headaches and unhappy customers. We will get you top dollar for your jewelry and allow you to control the process every step of the way!