How Helps Sell Your Diamond for the Most Money

Who we are:

Sell your Diamond for what it's Actually WorthThis whole thing started with long-time diamond industry pros who joined up and decided it was finally time to change the way consumers like you sell their old or unwanted diamonds.

See, we’ve been in this biz a long time. For years we did everything the old way but let me tell you… that wears you down! We couldn’t sit idly by and watch consumers like you get gypped just because industry giants rig the system in their favor.

Why should a diamond pass through 20 different hands before selling again at full retail value? Despite what buyers like to tell you, your diamond will eventually be re-sold at a retail price— YOU deserve a bigger piece of that.

What we do:

diamond ring money cashWe’re breaking all the rules. No, seriously, people we once worked with are furious with us for creating this website. But we aren’t going to let that stop us because no matter how you slice it, helping you sell your diamond for the most is always the right thing to do.

We’re bypassing as many middlemen as possible. And while you might feel bad about cutting them out you really shouldn’t.

They’re bloating this industry with way too many markups and they’re putting up barriers that force everyone to play by their rules. It’s not right and an independent site where people like us connect sellers like you to buyers who pay more is the only way to sell your diamond for what it’s really worth.

How to Sell Your Diamond for what it’s Actually Worth:

Basically we’re leapfrogging past all the little guys and cutting straight to the top. That’s why our buyers pay so much more than any local business you might work with.

Plus, we’ve set this whole thing up as an auction so that bidding drives prices up and you get EVEN MORE for your diamonds.

It’s simple: you’ll send us your diamond, we’ll place it in the auction, you’ll accept or reject the highest bid, and we’ll send you a check or return sell your diamond for more online at mydiamondauction.comyour diamond. That’s all there is to it.

We’ve kept everything online so that it’s super convenient for buyers and sellers. We grade all the diamonds ourselves and capture high quality images and video so that buyers can confidently bid high. And we’ve made shipping your diamond to our facility safe and insured. You’ll hardly lift a finger, don’t have to worry a bit, and never have to deal with anyone directly.

Finally! there’s a place to sell diamonds that’s actually skewed in your favor.

How we’re changing the diamond industry forever:

We’ve got big plans for

If everything goes how we’re planning, we’ll be turning this industry on its head. Before long we’ll be the ultimate standard for diamond recycling. That means consumers like you will finally be able to sell their diamonds for a price that makes sense.

That’s why it’s so important that you work with us instead of supporting local joints that lock you out of getting what you deserve.

So, with all that in mind, are you ready to put your diamond in the auction?

  • Cynthia Eelbode

    why don’t you list how much you charge to do this? Your fee could be so large that my profit on the diamond(s) would gain me little